She’s gone, but still here


woman on bed ink sketchSunlight slipped through the window. He woke to the sight of her bare shoulders. The space between them filled with her tousled hair. Grabbing her waist, he pulled her; Their naked bodies came together. She turned to meet his gaze. They smiled mischievously at each other for they knew what was to come.

Her fingers combed through his hair. He kissed her soft breasts. Taking her hard nipple into his mouth, he slid a hand between her legs. She giggled as his cold touch tickled her skin. With her buttocks in his hands, he lowered his head between her thighs. She clenched the bedsheets into her fists. Her back arched, but she could no longer contain herself. She gave a loud moan.

An alarm buzzed. He woke confused, did that even happen? Memories were bleeding into his dreams. He sat up touching his toes to the cold wood floors. Somehow the morning had brought more shadows than light.

A presence stirred behind him. When he glanced over his shoulder, he found only rumpled bed sheets. Reality was a blurry thing. He rubbed his neck hoping it would bring clarity, but the floor creaked. He cocked his head towards the sound hoping it was her, but there was only a darkened doorway.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his torso. Her breasts pressed against his bare back. For a brief second, he allowed himself to feel the warmth of her embrace, but anger was quick to set, why did you do this to me?

“Stop!” he yelled, and she vanished, yet the tightness around his chest remained.

A voice lower than a whisper spoke, “love you always.” There was a time when those words melted sorrow, but now they fueled his rage. While still sitting, he turned to see her lying naked on the bed. Her mischievous smile threw his heart into a race. With her naked body beneath him, he squeezed her throat till it crumbled in his palms. She scratched his hands and arms, but her face went blue, and the whites of her eyes turned red.

“Leave me alone!” he yelled, and with that, she vanished once again. In her place, a crumpled pillow.

His chest tightened as he wondered whether he was dreaming. The shadows of things blurred together as he flopped face-down on the bed and closed his eyes. She climbed on top of him and straddled his back. She rested her cheek on the nape of his neck. Tears streamed down his face as he felt the weight of her on his back. Cancer had killed her, but it didn’t kill his memories of her. As their hands intertwined together, she whispered into his ear, “Love you always.” He dared not open his eyes for fear she’d leave him again.

Dailypost Prompt: Acceptance