An alcohol induced daydream


drinking alcohol group ink sketchWe drove down the back streets of Las Vegas Blvd. The car bounced lightly, and in my drunken state, the city lights blurred together. A hand clenched my chin; he kissed me. Our tongues slapped together; I gently bit his lip while rubbing his crotch.

He pulled my hair then kissed me. I mounted him. His fingers grazed my thighs as his hands moved beneath my dress. We kissed again. I could feel him getting hard; then, as usual, words invaded my thoughts.

AIDS! I shook my head hoping the word would fall out.

I unbuttoned his jeans sticking my hand down his pants, syphilis, herpes, whore!

I wrapped my fingers around his thick cock, gonorrhea! Whore! Whore! Whore!

The car jerked forcing my eyes open. I wasn’t in a passionate sexual embrace. Instead, I was in an SUV surrounded by five women. This was my sister’s bachelorette party.

The liquor made me randy, but I was a sexually repressed adult, so I took a breath and searched for a distraction. Then, I caught a glimpse of the Cameroon flag dangling from the rearview mirror.

Who was our Lyft driver? What stories does he have to tell? Where has his journey taken him?

I would have sought the answers, but the last shot of vodka was hitting me. The car suddenly stopped, and all six of us spilled onto the driveway of our hotel.

I now had a new distraction, how to get six drunk and semi-drunk women back to the hotel room.