Rainforest Planet


man in rain forest ink sketchThe sun inched closer to the seemingly infinite stretch of rainforest. Aurora clung to life, her legs dangled in the air. She was thrown over onto a protruding boulder just a few meters below. Her arms struggled to hold tight.

Sweat slid down her spine falling through the opening where her shirt was slashed open. She glanced over her shoulder to the fifty-foot fall. If she were lucky, she’d snap her neck and die instantly.

“Samuel!” she yelled by the sound of it he was busy punching and elbowing someone. She wondered if the girl had been taken or killed. Her grip loosened and her body slid slightly, “Hurry!”

The dirt crunched beneath the weight of their bodies then silence. A thick vine smacked Aurora on the head. She tugged to test its sturdiness then she pulled herself up.

Samuel held the other end. Dirt covered his face and clothes, and his lip was bleeding. Aurora noticed the heavy-set man lying dead on the ground with a belt around his neck.

“Next time you decide to throw someone off a cliff make sure they don’t take you down with them,” he said while catching his breath. He threw Aurora her leather jacket.

“I’ll remember that,” she stuck her arms into the sleeves, “Where’s the girl?”

Samuel used his head to point toward the forest. A loud screaming spurred them into action. Aurora grabbed her rifle. They ran into the thicket following the screams.

The girl had climbed a fifty-foot tree, and a pirate had followed her. Samuel began climbing while Aurora raised her rifle.

Her arms were numb and heavy. She zeroed in on the man’s head and pulled the trigger. A zap of red light left her rifle striking the man in the head. His body hit the ground with a loud thud.

Aurora stayed alert while Samuel and the girl climbed down. She kept the rifle close to her chest holding her finger close to the trigger. There was beep on her watch. The ship arrived.

Samuel motioned for the girl to wait while he spoke to Aurora.

“Talk to the girl,” he said quietly.

“That’s not part of the job,” said Aurora, “besides you’re better at that sort of stuff.”

“True, but she was held captive for a year by pirates,” he said, “I doubt she is feeling very trusting of men right now. Be human and comfort her.”

Samuel walked ahead. Aurora stared at the thin girl with dirty and tangled hair. Her teeth were black and crusted. The report said she’d be thirteen, but she looked at least ten years older.

“As we said before, your father and mother hired us to find you,” said Aurora, but the girl said nothing, “if they come back I’ll shoot them with my rifle.”

“What if you can’t kill them all,” said the girl.

“Then, I promise to shoot you in the head so you’ll never have to go back to that place again,” Aurora picked up the little girl and ran back to the cliff.

Samuel was already waiting inside the aircraft. Once Aurora and the girl were inside, the ship sped off towards the sunset. They ascended higher and higher breaking through the atmosphere.

“I hate this planet,” said Samuel as Aurora sat in the copilots’ seat.

“You hate every planet,” she glanced back at the girl who was holding her legs close to her chest, “the universe is infinite eventually we’ll find one you like.”

“The universe is finite,” Samuel corrected.

Aurora rolled her eyes, then kicked up her boots up and closed her eyes.

Response to Daily post: Infinite