Vegetal Humans


protestors ink sketchThey had blasted music all through the night making sure no one slept. Manka’s cheek was pressed firmly against the moist dirt. She knew its dampness meant the rain would fall soon. Her head popped from out the tent. The sun slowly rose from behind the hills. Only a few others were awake. Three tired, young faces sat around a campfire waiting for eggs to cook. The skin around their eyes sagged, and their eyelids drooped.

As Manka bent towards the ground gunfire echoed. All four of them perked their heads towards the sound. After a few minutes of silence Manka sat on the dirt. She ran her bony fingers through the soft soil.

“They do that to scare us,” said Ezekiel poking a fork into the cast iron pan.

“I don’t know how long everyone will last,” said Miriam wrapping herself in a blanket.

“What do you thing Manka?” said Thomas digging his hands into his armpits.

Manka tossed the dirt between her hands letting it wash over her thin, liver-spotted hands. She smiled looking up at the three faces staring back at her.

“Why did you come here?” she asked.

They glanced at each other as though the answer were obvious. Finally, Ezekiel spoke.

“To stand up to them.”

A wind had swept through causing the flames to flicker. Ezekiel, Miriam, and Thomas shivered crossing their arms, but Manka was a rock; Only her hair twirled and swirled in the air.

“We are vegetal humans,” said Manka lifting herbed towards the campfire to grab the fork from Ezekiel’s hand. Ezekiel and Thomas exchanged glances as Manka continued, “Each of us is a root from the same thought,” she divided the scrambled eggs onto three plates, “they might cut us from the ground, but where we stand, hundreds more will rise.”

Daily Post Prompt: Vegetal

Daily Post Prompt: Vegetal