Drone Strike!


baseball aerial sketchBobby kicked the orange dust with his sneaker. He twisted his grip around the bat three times, then tapped it on home plate. He braced for the pitch.

The pitcher shook his head, then shook it again. Finally, he nodded. Like a ballet dancer, the boy arched backward then forwards. Before Bobby could swing, the catcher’s mitt clapped shut.

“Strike!” said the umpire over the loud cheering.

Bobby looked at his father, who was clapping and cheering for him.

“You got this Bobby!” he yelled from behind the fence.

Again, Bobby kicked the orange dust with his sneaker, twisted his grip around the bat three times, then tapped it on home plate. He braced for the second pitch, but the pitcher was looking up. The players in the field had all stopped to stare at the big blue sky. The umpire lifted his helmet. Parents stood up from the bleachers. Everyone focused on something in the air. Only when Bobby took off his helmet did he hear the faint buzzing. His heart panicked. He searched the sky for it. People began screaming. Parents yelled to their kids to rush off the field. Babies were carried in arms as people left strollers, ice chests, and blankets. Bodies scattered in all directions. His father’s strong hands grabbed his shoulders.

“Shouldn’t we run?” Bobby asked his father.

“No one can outrun it,” he lifted Bobby off the ground embracing him tightly, “I love you,” said his father while holding in sobs.

The last thing Bobby saw was his father’s worn sneakers on home plate.

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